About Shipchandler Italy

     We supplying for all kind ships, ship provisions, ship publications, ship deck stores, ship engine stores, ship electrical stores and more. Our equipments are always good quality. All are checking before than giving to ship and financially the most appropriate ones. You get quality with reasonable price. Your supplies are realize with professional workers, without wasting time or without any problem.

      Our team members got a Professional knowledge and experiences on their own. Our Team team has over than 30 years of experience at ship supply and sea life . Per cent 75 of our workers already worked in ship for many years. So they have so much idea about ship, crew, life in ship and crew’s problems. They have solutions about these problems. They can figure out your problems in shortest time.

     Shipchandler Italy company has built a strong reputation for reliability among ship owners and managers, and became essential help for many purchasers around in the all Itallian ports. Shipchandler Italy are always looking for ways to better serve our local or other customers during the crisis times.

Our supplied Provisions are in compliance with ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems Standards and obtains certification from DNV after completing development and implementations. Shipchandler Italy also endorse HACCP System (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) to further ensure safe and hazard free food products.

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