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Shipchandler Trieste – Italy

The Free Port of Trieste is a port on North Adriatic Sea in the Trieste, Italy.

Shipchandler Trieste

Shipchandler Trieste port

It is subdivided into 5 different Free Areas, 3 of which have been allotted to commercial activities. The remaining two, the Mineral Oils Free Area and the “Canale di Zaule” Free Area, are used for industrial activities. The port is articulated in various terminals, managed by private companies.

Conveniently located on the center of Trieste, Shipchandler Trieste company provides shipchandlery & repair services at all ports of Italy, Porto Marghera, Trieste, Bari, Salerno, Genova, Monfalcon to Merchant Vessels, Tankers, Cruise Ships, Tugs and Fishing Boats.

With well educated and multi-lingual staff members, extensive product range and requisite technical knowledge, Shipchandler Trieste is growing day by day aiming to be one of the leading ship suppliers in Italy.

Please feel free to contact us 24/7 for all your provision and technical store requirements!

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Shipchandler Trieste, in a short time has become one of the leading companies in the Italian supply ship it on the following topics.

Map & Nautical Publications
Bridge Equipments
Safety Supplies
Fire Fighting Equipment
Falling down the Prevention Equipment
Medical Equipment
Ship Materials

In every region of the Italian port, with its own shops and specialized business partners and also serves on the refueling ship it depends workshops and warehouses.