Yes we can arrange Shipchandler service at Venezia Port Italy

You are correct place if your ship need a shipchandler (ship supply) at Venezia port

We are Ship Chandler Venezia is one of the biggest ship chandler, rapidly growing ship supplier in Italy with a vast experience in maritime filed since her establishment in 1984… Shipchandler Italy started supply department activity as a part of our organization for general ship supplier covering vessels in all Itallian ports for vessel’s calling Itallian ports. Supply deptartment has succeeded to built a high reputation on both local and international level, as reliable supplier for first class ship owners and international petroleum companies as well as Itallian governmental entities As marine supplier Shipchandler Venezia  do follow very strict rules on both purchasing and dispatching our orders with high efficiently confirming with the highest standard of quality.

Our Office and Branches For Ship Supply and Chandlery service: Genova port, Savona port, La Spezia port, Marina di Carrara port, Livorno port, Piombino, port Civitavecchia port, Fiumicino port, Gaeta port, Napoli port, Salerno port, Messina port, Siracusa port, Palermo port, Santa Panagia port, Gela port, Gioia Tauro port, Bari port, Brindisi port, Taranto port, Ortona port, Ancona port, Ravenna port, Marghera port, Venezia port, Trieste port, Monfalcone port, Sarroch port , Cagliariport, Olbia port, Porto Torres port, Oristano port, Arbatax port, Koper port, Rijeka port, Spalato port, Monaco port, Mardiglia port, Fos port, Lavera port, Port de Bouc.

Provision Supplies.
Shipchandler Italy offer you various kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood and groceries etc. with a neatness parallel to your expectations with most reasonable prices on Domestic and Transit supplies. Shipchandler Venezia at really surprisingly cheap/reasonable prices..
We supplying;
– International Food.
– Oriental Food & Spices.
– Seasonal & Vegetable.
– Meat Cuts.
– Meat Products & Poultry.
– Seafood.
– Groceries.
– Dairy Products.
– Beverages.
– Bonded Stores.

Technical Supplies.
Shipchandler Venezia have the highest quality of cabin, deck and engine stores in our warehouse. Shipchandler Venezia is in collaboration with the world’s bests also in the fields of chemical products.
Every kind of chemical protection and maintenance products, ship spare parts, razor wire, synthetic and combination ropes, anchors, anchor chains and cargo gear accessories.

Shipchandler Venezia uses high technology in order to respond to the needs in the shortest time and thus maximizing your productivity to the highest degree. You will not be trapped for the prices and quality of the products provided by Shipchandler Venezia;

We supplying;
– Cabin Stores.
– Deck Stores.
– Engine Stores.
– Electrical Stores.
– Safety Equipment.
– Navigation Equipment.
– Stationary.
– Chemicals.
– Medicines.
– Spare Parts.
– Razor Wire.
– Barbed Wire.
– Seizing Wire.

– Plastic and Steel Drum * 200 Ltrs.

Ship Spare Parts in Transit:

Our company provides the service and proceedings necessary before the Customs Office of our country for the spare in transit you need on board of the ship to arrive as soon as possible.

Atlas would provide also following services,
• Technical maintenance
• Safety equipment inspection services
• Fire fighting equipment services
• Marine chemicals & paints supply services
• Garbage & sludge removal services
• Steel renewal
• Pipes renewal
• Manufacuring